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How to import livingsocial groupon etc. voucher codes in prestashop

Anyone, who has started an advertising campaign in own online store knows, that voucher codes are awesome tool for increase sales and income. Very often we want to organize actions in other webpages like livingsocial, groupon, mydeal etc. and we get listed special codes form this sites.  Customer after buying there some stuff gets one idividual code from voucher codes list. We must add all of listed vouchers to our shop system, but there is a little problem: what to do when there are hundred of codes on list?

How does it looks in Prestashop system?
In prestashop we can generate one voucher code per one request. It's problematic, because we spend much time in back office, only for adding voucher codes. Moreover, it is really tedious.  Simple measures say that the addition of about 100 discount codes with advanced specification take about 5 hours!  It's ridiculous to spend 5 hours on adding a discount code in prestashop back office. All of this is by the fact that we can't import voucher codes from files in Prestashop back office. But we create a special module:  Import Voucher from CSV  Our module can import a thousand codes listed in some file (CSV or other).

Ok, so how to import many voucher codes in prestashop?
First we need to describe the basic functionality of this module. Module Import Voucher Codes form CSV  is the simplest and quickest way to add as many voucher codes from CSV file as you want by one mouse click! Import Vouchers From CSV module saves your time which you can spend to make more money. If you want this module, go to  Import Vouchers from CSV   section in our shop. We guarantee your satisfaction with the choice of just this solution.

With Import Vouchers from CSV you can set up General CSV file settings:

  • setup the char for row delimiter (line)
  • setup the char for col delimiter (elements in line)

And you can set up default voucher settings:

  • setup the default voucher type (discount on order in % / amount, free shipping, etc.)
  • setup the default voucher currency (all currencies in your shop)
  • setup the default voucher value (in % / amount in selected currency)
  • setup the default voucher description (description will be displayed in customer basket)
  • setup the default voucher quantity
  • setup the default voucher quantity per user
  • setup the default value of voucher cumulable (with other voucher codes - true or false)
  • setup the default value of voucher cumulable (with price reductions - true or false)
  • setup the default minimal basket value, from which voucher code will be active
  • setup the default expiry date of voucher code
  • setup the categories to which the discount is to be applied
  • you can upload CSV file into server
  • upload as many CSV files as you want
  • manage uploaded files

And most important:

  • you can upload CSV file into server
  • you can import uploaded CSV file into prestashop voucher database
  • manage colls and rows in CSV file
  • selection of as many CSV file row as you want (row will be added to the database)
  • selection of as many CSV file cols as you want (cols define the voucher specification)

Live preview in back office:
login  :    
Password  :   vouchers

Tutorial of adding many voucher codes in prestashop
In first step you must go to your prestashop back office into the modules section, exactly as shown in the picture:   

In Next step, you can see modules list page. Search module Import Voucher from CSV. If you can't find module try to use search form, type there "Import Voucher". If module exists, click odntooltip cloud with modules full name and icon. (Just like we shown on picture). If module doesnt exists you must to reupload it with module upload form. If you don't have module Import Voucher from CSV, click here to go module product page.

After clicking on tooltip you can click "Configure" to go to the module back office. Modules back office section is a powerful tool for configuring the properties of codes, import files and add codes to your store. Now you can set up the CSV file settings. Type signs of delimiters in your csv file.
In next step configure the voucher properties. Remember that this is not necessary. You can always change these settings, even after loading the file.

Now you can upload CSV file or files (module supports multiple files too) with simple upload form:

after selecting file from disc and click submit, you will see new file in "Uploaded CSV files" section:

Of course you can manage uploaded files. You can delete them in anytime you want. To import voucher codes listed in file you must click "Import to database". After click you will see simple configuration tool, where you can select or deselect vouchers. You can manage columns also. After all you can import vouchers to prestashop database.

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  1. this module is compatibile with sites like:

    LivingSocial - These guys are going toe to toe with Groupon in over 100 markets nationwide. LivingSocial is to Groupon as Pepsi is to Coke.

    Dealfind - Widely considered the number 3 site behind Groupon and LivingSocial

    Eversave (website)- Promo Code -Currently running daily deals in 12 cities and growing. They are based in Boston with their biggest audience in Boston and Philly.

    Half Off Depot - Promo Code - Currently live in six cities: Atlanta, Charlotte, Knoxville, Nashville, Orlando, and Tampa

    Plum District (website) - Promo Code -The leader in family focused daily deals. If you are looking for family deals, you should try out an aggregator of family deals.

    TravelZoo Local Deals (website)- The popular discount travel website has run local deals in over 20 cities nationwide. They do a great job of getting deals at desirable destinations like upscale restaurants and spas.

    KGB Deals (website)- KGB deals is in 12 cities and is continuing to expand.

    SweetJack – A venture between radio behemoths Clear Channel and Cumulus. Rapidly expanding in 2012.

    Tippr (website)- Currently running daily deals in 13 cities and growing. They are based in Seattle and are venture backed.

    Crowd Savings – Currently offering deals in 15+ cities

    ScoutMob (website)- Known for their mobile app. Based in Atlanta, but also in New York and San Francisco and several other cities.

    CBS Local (no central website)- Part of the CBS interactive family, CBS Local is now running deals in over 15 cities. Each of the sites is partnered with traditional local CBS media properties like radio and television.

    Our module works with other sites too! In our module most important thing is that you can import voucher codes from all of deals sites! You must have only csv file with list of generated vouchers